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How to Save Money on Food

What are coupons?

COUPONS are pieces of paper that give you a discount on something you buy from a store. You bring them to the store and give them to the cashier. Sometimes you can pay less money with a coupon. Sometimes you can buy one thing and get another thing for free. The cash register will decrease your bill by the amount on the coupon.

Coupons will have rules about what you have to do to get the discount or items for free. HEB has yellow coupons next to some items that are on sale.

What is a sale?

In English, the word SALE has two meanings. One is when a store charges less than they usually charge for an item for a certain period of time. When things are on sale for a good price, it’s sometimes good to buy extra at the lower price.

The other meaning of the word sale is when a store sells something. The store has made a sale.



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