Refugee Resource Center

Have questions about life in Austin? Let us help.

Living In Austin

We think Austin is very nice place to live, so we want to help you learn about the city. We hope you will explore Austin's natural areas, museums, parks, libraries and fun events. Here you can learn more about your new home.



How to manage your money is one of the most important things you need to know when you come to America. Things are probably different from where you lived before. Here you will find information on how to open a bank account, get a credit card, save money and more.


We know you want to find the best food for your family at the best prices. Here you can learn about where to buy food and find free food, how to save money, how to use food stamps and WIC, how to know what is in food and more.


Finding a place to live in Austin can be a challenge. Here you can learn about how to find an apartment you can afford or how to buy a house. You can also learn about how lease contracts work and what to do if you have a problem with your landlord. 


There is a lot to know about healthcare in America. It can be very confusing. Here you can learn about health insurance, getting dental care for your teeth and vision care for your eyes, saving money on medicine and more.


If you need to find a job or get a different job, we'll show you the best way to start. Here you will find out where to look for jobs, how to get help with your resume and where you can get job training. Austin has a growing economy and many jobs. You just need to know where to look.


Austin has many stores that are not expensive. You can also buy things online or from other people. Here you will learn where to shop for things like clothes or kitchen items, how to save money using coupons, how to buy things from Craig's List or apps like Offer Up, and more.


Austin is wonderful place to raise a family. Here you will find help with finding free clothes and diapers. You can also learn about tutoring and summer programs, free things to do with kids and information on American laws about taking care of your children.

Learning English

It is very important for everyone to learn English in America. Here you can find English as Second Language (ESL) classes and websites for learning online. We also explain how you can start studying for the citizenship test.


The legal system in America can be different than in other countries. You must understand your rights as an immigrant and what to do if you are stopped by the police. You must know the laws about how to treat the people in your family, especially children. Here is some important information to keep you out of trouble.

Cars and Buses

You can travel around Austin by bus, metro, car or bike. Here you can find out how to get a driver’s license and car insurance, how to buy a car, the best way to use the bus to get where you want to go and more.