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Showing newcomers around Austin is a great way to help them feel welcome – and it's fun!

Think of it as taking your refugee friends on a field trip. You're having fun spending time together, but you're also helping them learn important information about their new home and how to get to where they need to go.

It can also be an enriching and eye-opening experience for you. There are so many things we take for granted — like knowing how to find a post office and mail a letter — that they might not have experience with. As volunteers, that gives us an incredible opportunity to learn from them about their lives in the country they came from.

In this section, you'll find tips for helping based on the experiences of volunteers who've done these things before.

You can also use the information we've put together for refugees themselves, including:

Do you have a tip or topic you'd like to add? We'd be grateful if you would email us at info@firststep.org and share your experience.

Thank you for stepping up and helping refugees learn about our wonderful city!

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